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Ultrasonic Sealed Gloves “FPG”


Ultrasonic sealed Polycotton are superb if you're after a little added comfort whilst you work. Completely breathable and accurate size, these gloves are fantastic liners making them a hugely versatile and highly popular product.


Cat I Minimal Risk


  • Glove Liners
  • Hygiene Rules
  • Packaging
  • Sorting and assembly work
  • Light general works

The innovative is ultrasonic sealed gloves the machine used for the production of gloves, the entire production are fully automated, time saving and produce stable quality product.

The product can be based on user needs, a production of multiple gloves at the same time, the efficiency can be increased several times.

It is equipped with CNC program control and automatic tension control system. Moreover, the machine is made up of aluminum alloy structure, sturdy and perfect.

High-quality electronic control system to ensure continuous operation, especially for customer’s mass production.


  • More focus on quality
  • Stain free
  • Oil Free
  • Ink Free
  • Hair free
  • Best suitable for food processing/food handling
  • Time saving
  • No Size Variation

Production Capacity 2.5 Million Pairs/Month

The ultrasonic sealed & cut machine production capacity is 2.5 Million Pairs/Month for year 2019. Next year will be adding 1.5 Million pairs/ Month

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